Please keep in mind that programming remains tentative at this time. Panels take place in the main track room, Chastain 1-2 in the Westin, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk.

Saturday, September 1st:
11:30 a.m. Magic and Hard Choices: The Librarians Fan Panel
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the popular show’s fourth and final season
Panelists: Catherine Agati, Wendy Hembrock, Lea Murphy, Christina Vuono, Toni Ware, Abbey White

* 11:30 a.m. An Hour with Ilona Andrews (Centennial I, Hyatt)
Interview & audience Q&A with the husband-and-wife writing team, authors of the bestselling Kate Daniels, Hidden Legacy, and Edge urban fantasy series.

*1:00 p.m. An Hour with Laurell K. Hamilton (Centennial I, Hyatt)
Audience Q&A with the best-selling author of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series.

1:00 p.m. Quest For the Key: The Magicians Fan Panel
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the hit show’s exciting third season
Panelists: Kevin Bachelder, Fr. Bryan Small, Damian Allen, Wendy Hembrock, Lindy Rae Keelan, Margaret Parsons

2:30 p.m. Fighting Unbeatable Evil: An Angel Fan Panel
How do you live in a world where it seems you can never win, despite your best efforts? Our panel discusses this theme within the context of five seasons of Angel.
Panelists: Valerie Hampton, Thomas Mariani, Tamsin L. Silver, Fr. Bryan Small, James R. Tuck

*2:30 p.m. Monster Mash: The Magical Creatures of UF (Chastain I-J, Westin)
Urban Fantasy features a wide range of supernatural beings, often in the same book, and our authors discuss the types they use and why.
Panelists: Eric R. Asher, James A. Hunter, Lisa Manifold, D.R. Perry, E.J. Stevens, R.R. Virdi

*4:00 p.m. Lost Girl Cast (Centennial II-III, Hyatt)
Audience Q&A with cast members from the influential show.
Presenters: Paul Amos, K.C. Collins, Kris Holden-Ried, Rick Howland, Zoie Palmer, Anna Silk, Rachel Skarsten, Ksenia Solo, Emmanuelle Vaugier

4:00 p.m. Faith and Practice: Religion and Spirituality in UF
Our panelists discuss the spiritual beliefs and practices exhibited by some of their characters, and how these aspects influence the narrative as a whole.
Panelists: Seressia Glass, Faith Hunter, J.F. Lewis, Linda Robertson, James R. Tuck

*4:00 p.m. American Gods Cast (Peachtree Ballroom, Westin)
Audience Q&A with cast members from the show
Panelists: Demore Barnes, Bruce Langley, Ricky Whittle

5:30 p.m. For Good or Ill: Magic in UF
Magic in Urban Fantasy serves many purposes, and has multiple uses and effects. Our authors will discuss the role magic plays in their work.
Panelists: Gordon Andrews, Ilona Andrews, Robert Jackson Bennett, Myke Cole, Laura Anne Gilman, Kim Harrison, James A. Hunter

*5:30 p.m. Open vs. Closed: Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy (Chastain I-J, Westin)
In Urban Fantasy the supernatural is either known to the human world or hidden from it, and our panelists will discuss which approach they use and why.
Panelists: Eric R. Asher, Nancy Holzner, Melissa F. Olson, Shawnee Small, Jeanne C. Stein, Michael George Williams

7:00 p.m. Always and Forever: The Originals Fan Panel
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the hit show’s fifth and final season
Panelists: Valerie Hampton, Jeanne C. Stein (M), Jeni Green, Tanisha Havilland, Ashley Meeks, Hanako M. Ricks

* 7:00 p.m. The Librarians Cast (Peachtree Ballroom, Westin)
Audience Q&A with cast members from the popular show
Panelists: Christian Kane, John Kim

8:30 p.m. Parallel Worlds, Unlikely Alliances: A Supernatural Fan Panel
A moderated fan-panel discussion over the long-running hit show’s thirteenth season
Panelists: Valerie Hampton, Gail Z. Martin, Kristin Jackson, Damian Allen, Beth Dolgner, Wendy Hembrock

10:00 p.m. Violence in Urban Fantasy: Is There a Line?
The level of violence in Urban Fantasy varies, sometimes even between books in the same series. Our authors discuss their use of violence in their work, and what lines they may be unwilling to cross for the sake of their stories.
Panelists: Myke Cole, Laurell K. Hamilton, Melissa F. Olson, Richard Kadrey, Linda Robertson, James R. Tuck