Please keep in mind that programming remains tentative at this time. Panels take place in the main track room, Chastain DE in the Westin, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk.

11:30 a.m.  Beasts of Beacon Hills: A Teen Wolf Fan Panel
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the hit show’s fifth season, and a viewing of an  episode of  the fan-produced webseries By the Code.
Panelists: Samantha Sommersby, Damian Allen, Tara Andrews, Maggie Haught, Theo  Tiedemann, Ella Worley

1:00 p.m. From Show to Book: Novel Tie-Ins
Our author panelists have written books set in the worlds of  Buffy, Angel, and The Flash.
Panelists: Christopher Golden, Clay & Susan Griffith, Dan Jolley, James A. Moore, Thomas E.  Sniegoski

*1:00 p.m. Mystic Falls to the Big Easy: A Vampire Diaries/Originals Fan Panel (Chastain I)
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the two popular shows
Panelists: Valerie Hampton, Jeanne C. Stein, E.J. Stevens, Zan Bowden, Lisa Harrison

*2:30 p.m. An Hour with Jim Butcher  (Peachtree Ballroom)
Audience Q&A with the author of the Dresden Files, Cinder Spires, and Codex Alera  series

*4:00 p.m. iZombie Cast  (Centennial II-III, Hyatt)
Audience Q&A with cast members from the hit show
Panelists: David Anders, Rose McIver, Aly Michalka

4:00 p.m. Origins: Gods and Monsters in Myth & Folklore
Many of the supernatural beings and magical creatures appearing in Urban Fantasy have  their roots in myth and folklore. Our panelists discuss those they feel most influenced by  and others they have discovered in their research.
Panelists: Valerie Hampton, Kevin Hearne, Kathryn Hinds, Alethea Kontis, Samantha  Sommersby, James R. Tuck

5:30 p.m. On the Head of a Pin: Angels in Urban Fantasy
Our authors explore the fascinating world of angels on Earth, interacting with and  sometimes attempting to fit in with humans.
Panelists: Michelle Belanger, John G. Hartness, Richard Kadrey, Linda Robertson, Tamsin  Silver, Thomas E. Sniegoski

*7:00 p.m. How High the Price? Magic Systems in UF (Regency VI-VII, Hyatt)
Our panel explores the magical systems of the worlds of their stories, and the cost of  that magic on both those who use it and those around them.
Panelists: Patricia Briggs, David B. Coe, Myke Cole, Kevin Hearne, Melissa F. Olson, Linda  Robertson

8:30 p.m. Welcome to Brakebills: The Magicians Fan Panel
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the new hit show’s first season
Panelists: Wendy Hembrock, Sue Kisenwether, Margaret Parsons, Robert Prentice, Lindy  Rae, Abbey White

10:00 p.m. Living with the Dead: Ghosts, Spirits & Necromancers in UF
Our panel explores ghosts, spirits and those who communicate with them.
Panelists: Eric Asher, David B. Coe, Myle Cole, Leanna Renee Hieber, Jonathan L.  Howard, E.J. Stevens