Please keep in mind that programming remains tentative at this time. Panels take place in the main track room, Chastain 1-2 in the Westin, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk.

10:00 a.m. Cast of Characters: Supernatural Variety in UF
One key aspect of urban fantasy remains the presence of supernatural beings. Our panel of  authors employ different varieties in their work, many in roles as key characters.
Panelists: Eric Asher, Nancy Holzner, Lisa Manifold, Chloe Neill, Melissa F. Olson, Jeri  Westerson

*11:30 a.m. Dresden Files: Actor and Author (Imperial Ballroom, Marriott)
Audience Q&A about the Dresden Files television series with the author who created Harry  Dresden on the page and the actor who brought him to life on the screen
Panelists: Paul Blackthorne, Jim Butcher

11:30 a.m. Sanctuary for All: Humans, Monsters, and Everything in Between on Angel
Monsters that become more human, humans that become more monster-like–what makes one  good or evil? And how does one balance free will in an oppressive, chaotic world? A moderated  fan-panel discussion on what it means to be human and monster in the series Angel.
Panelists:  Valerie Hampton, Fr. Bryan Small, Samantha Sommersby, Colby Cowherd,  Christina  Sizemore,  Erika A. Pratte (M)

*1:00 p.m. An Hour with Patricia Briggs (Regency VI-VII, Hyatt)
Audience Q&A with the best-selling author of the Mercedes Thompson and Alpha and Omega  series
Panelist: Patricia Briggs

2:30 p.m. Still Going Strong: Vampires in UF
Vampires remain a favorite topic in urban fantasy, and our panel discusses their ongoing appeal  for readers and writers alike
Declan Finn, J.F. Lewis, Chloe Neill, Linda Robertson,  Jennifer St. Giles, E.J. Stevens

*2:30 p.m. Buffy & Angel Guests  (Peachtree Ballroom, Westin)
Audience Q&A with cast members from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Panelists: Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Clare Kramer

*4:00 p.m.  Lucifer Cast  (Centennial II-III, Hyatt)
Audience Q&A with cast members from the hot show
Panelists:  Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer,

*4:00 p.m. An Hour with Laurell K. Hamilton  (Regency VI-VII, HYatt)
Audience Q&A with the bestselling author of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series
Panelist: Laurell K. Hamilton

5:30 p.m. Two Sides of the Same Coin? Angels & Demons in Urban Fantasy
Representations of angels and demons vary widely within folklore, religion, and literature. Our  panelists will discuss how depictions often focus on their similarities as well as their differences.
Panelists:   John G. Hartness, Faith Hunter, James A. Hunter, Linda Robertson, Tamsin L. Silver,  Jennifer St. Giles

*5:30 p.m.  Wynonna Earp Cast  (Centennial II-III, Hyatt)
Audience Q&A with cast members from the hit show
Panelists: Shamier Anderson, Emily Andras, Katherine Barrell,  Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim  Rozon

*5:30 p.m. Teen Wolf Fan Meet-up (Marietta, Hyatt)
Join fan favorite Eaddy Mays for a gathering honoring six years of trials & tribulations in Beacon  Hills.
Panelist: Eaddy Mays

7:00 p.m. You Are All Here Because of Me: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Genre Television
Gaining both critical and popular acclaim when it first aired twenty years ago, Buffy the Vampire  Slayer built a loyal and dedicated fanbase. One enduring legacy of the influential series has been  setting the stage for other supernatural shows
Panelists:  Kevin Bachelder,  Tamsin L. Silver, Fr. Bryan Small, Samantha Sommersby, Jim  Griffin, Somer Rutledge

8:30 p.m. Two Hunters, an Angel, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar: Teamwork on Supernatural
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the wildly popular long-running series’ emotional and  pivotal twelfth season
Panelists:  Valerie Hampton, Kristin Jackson, Gail Z. Martin, Fr. Bryan Small, Damian Allen, Beth Dolgner

10:00 p.m. A Delicate Balance: Darkness and Light in UF
It isn’t always easy to find humor when the fate of the world may be at stake, but our panelists  will share how they lighten the serious aspects of their stories and worlds with humor.
Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Delilah S. Dawson,  J.D. Horn,  Chloe Neill, R.R. Virdi, Jeri Westerson,

*10:00 p.m. A Midnight Revelry: Celebrating Five Years of the Urban Fantasy Track (Savannah Ballroom, Westin)
We celebrate our fifth year with a party featuring music from DJ Seraph and a performance from  the premiere Victorian Chamber Metal band, Valentine Wolfe. In addition, there will be props  representing the shows and some book series we cover on the track, providing “photo booth”  opportunities for fans.